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Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Perth

Top 7 Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Perth

How We Chose The Best Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Perth


When you’re coming in for laser hair removal in Perth, you want an environment that is comfortable, clean, and doesn’t feel too cramped. We made sure each clinic mentioned has each of those facets in its space.


We picked clinics that have a highly regulated standard when it comes to their procedures, practices, and equipment used. Your laser hair removal should not be a high-risk endeavour. 


We checked how each clinic does their procedures to see how quickly and successfully they accomplish laser hair removal. Each listed option doesn’t take too long and has a history of positive results.


We made sure each clinic’s rates are accessible without sacrificing quality. The general fees you’ll see here are competitive with premiumness still taken into account. 

1. Chrome Skin Clinic


Address: U8/2328 Albany Hwy, Gosnells WA 6110, Australia


Contact Information: 0414 425 139

Clinic Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:00 – 17:30

Google reviews score3.7 / 5
Total reviews3.7 / 5
Score consistency5 / 5
Environment4/ 5
Demeanour4 / 5
Treatments3.5/ 5
Responsiveness4/ 5


  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Personalized Skincare Solutions
  • Holistic Approach to Skincare


  • Cost Considerations

At Chrome Skin Clinic, the future meets the present in the realm of anti-ageing and skincare.

Chrome Skin Clinic boasts state-of-the-art technology and advanced treatment options, setting the standard for excellence in skincare solutions. Their commitment to staying abreast of the latest innovations ensures that patients receive the most effective and efficient treatments available in the industry.

With a focus on individual concerns and goals, Chrome Skin Clinic offers personalized skincare solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Their experienced Dermal Therapists take the time to assess and understand your skin, designing customized treatment plans that address specific issues such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

Emphasizing a holistic approach to skincare, Chrome Skin Clinic prioritizes both external beauty and overall health.

Their comprehensive treatment plans not only target visible signs of ageing and skin imperfections but also promote skin health and vitality from within, ensuring long-lasting results and radiant skin.

While Chrome Skin Clinic offers top-tier skincare solutions, the cost of treatments may be a consideration for some patients. Advanced technology and personalized care often come with a higher price tag, making it important for patients to weigh the benefits against their budgetary constraints.

2. Laser HRH

Laser HRH Homepage


Address: Suite 9, 17 Green Street, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016

Services: Underarms, bikini line, Brazilian, legs, arms, upper lip, chin, decolletage, breasts, full face hair reduction, 

Contact Information: 1300 474 475

  [email protected]

Clinic Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Friday, Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4.9 / 5
Product Review reviews score4.9 / 5
Truelocal reviews score4.8 / 5
Total reviews5 / 5
Score consistency4 / 5
Environment4 / 5
Demeanour5 / 5
Treatments5 / 5
Responsiveness4 / 5


  • Very attentive and flexible staff
  • Frequent discounts and promos


  • Staff changes can be more often than preferable
  • Occasionally reschedules appointments

Laser HRH usually markets itself as an IPL hair removal specialist, but we find that their laser hair removal is very recommendable. 

Their hair removal process is quite painless, and we find that their prices are reasonable. We also find that they will sometimes reschedule your appointment – but they do give you a heads up.

We appreciate their very attentive staff, as they made sure we were comfortable and answered all our questions thoroughly. The only issue we found is that they do switch up their staff pretty often, so you should make sure you take note of any staff preferences.

Everyone is nice and friendly, and we found that each staff member we spoke to displayed much knowledge about their procedures. We also like that they’re pretty flexible with scheduling and preferences should you need to call for sudden switch-ups.

We also like that they give a lot of promos. We found that they provide discounts after the first session and have extra gift cards for leaving a review. 

The environment is simple, but they have all the facilities in good shape for your hair removal sessions. Overall, they are very easy to engage with and are solid options for long-term treatments.

3. Ocean Cosmetics

Ocean Cosmetics Homepage


Address: 136A Weaponess Road, Wembley Roads WA 6019

Services: Lightsheer hair removal for face and body

Contact Information: 8 6336 7250

[email protected]

Clinic Hours: Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM; Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Saturday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Google reviews score4.9 / 5
Total reviews4 / 5
Score consistency4 / 5
Environment5 / 5
Demeanour5 / 5
Treatments4 / 5
Responsiveness5 / 5


  • Very experienced with different skin types
  • Very easy and efficient booking


  • Not all skin is suitable for LightSheer laser removal
  • May take a slower approach depending on your skin

Ocean Cosmetics is a great clinic that is very inviting. The interiors are sophisticated, clean, and welcoming and the staff add to that vibe.

We particularly love how easy it is to book with them. Their online booking platform is easy to use and we found that they are very responsive.

We got confirmation pretty quickly, and they even offered a no-obligation consultation. The clinicians also recommend getting a consultation before getting laser hair removal from them.

This is because they use LightSheer, which is supposed to be faster and more effective. It’s a very safe procedure but they still need to check if your skin is right for the treatment.

We do like how they really care about your wellbeing first and foremost, and they have a lot of experience with different types of skin. They also offer a lot of products that are really effective.

We found that the products helped the process along. Thankfully, we didn’t find them too pushy about getting these products if you don’t prefer to.

A few more highlights include their ample parking space and very effective process from treatment to aftercare. Because they are very careful with the process, we’re confident that they only take on clients that will be receptive to their laser treatment.

4. Laser Clinics Australia Perth CBD

Laser Clinics Australia Perth CBD Homepage


Address: Shop 3, Wesley Quarter 93, Williams Street, Perth WA 6000

Services: underarms, lip and chin, beard sculpting, female Brazilian, arms, chest and stomach, back and shoulders, legs

Contact Information: 8 6118 2659

[email protected]

Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM; Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4.8 / 5
Product Review reviews score4.6 / 5
Trust Pilot reviews score4.1 / 5
Total reviews5 / 5
Score consistency3 / 5
Environment5 / 5
Demeanour4 / 5
Treatments5 / 5
Responsiveness4 / 5


  • Open all week
  • Clinicians are very accommodating and comforting


  • Booking system can be troublesome
  • Customer care staff is inconsistent

Laser Clinics Australia has a lot of branches across the country and even Perth, but we find their Perth CBD to be the location with the best environment. This is largely influenced by how convenient we found it to reach the place. 

Clinicians here are very professional, and we found that they are very effective at putting you at ease. So, anyone who might feel awkward or have some nerves should have a more comfortable time dealing with their clinicians. 

We like that their laser hair removal is also largely pain-free and done pretty fast. They are efficient and thorough, and we noticed significant results over time.

Everyone is professional, although we did find that the booking staff can be more inconsistent in terms of their efficiency and demeanour. Customer care can be kind of hit-or-miss, although they are always open to feedback.

Our biggest concern is their scheduling. Online booking confirmation is not always aligned with their internal rules, so they may end up turning you away for booking the wrong treatment. 

They can also reschedule if they conclude that your skin needs extra checking before pushing through. We recommend not relying on their online booking or questionnaire alone. 

We found it best to give them a call to make sure that your appointment is correct and will push through as intended. It’s also best to keep your lines open in case there are any concerns from their end.

When booking online, make sure you specify the branch you’re going for. 

5. Skin ResQ Perth

Skin ResQ Perth Homepage


Address: 155B Canning Hwy, South Perth WA 6151

Services: laser and IPL hair reduction

Contact Information: 8 9367 3003

[email protected]

Clinic Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM; Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM; Saturday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Google reviews score4.8 / 5
Total reviews4 / 5
Score consistency4 / 5
Environment5 / 5
Demeanour4 / 5
Treatments4 / 5
Responsiveness5 / 5


  • Very thorough with preparations
  • Very professional and caring throughout the process


  • Quite pushy with the upsell
  • Not always upfront with additional fees

Skin ResQ is a very welcoming space, especially to newbies. So, if it’s your first time trying laser hair removal in Perth, this can be a good start.

Their staff is very caring and professional from consultation to treatment. We also like that they have a good line of aftercare products. 

We also really like their space, which has a relaxing overall feel. The way they conduct treatment is also very good for sensitive skin.

One thing we don’t love is that they come off pretty strong when suggesting products. They’ll really push for certain products that they want you to buy on top of your treatments.

We did find that their products are actually effective, but it’s still something to consider if you have a specific budget. We recommend being very clear with them about your expectations, just to make sure you don’t get pulled into a deal you don’t want.

Despite their upselling approach, we do appreciate that they are very meticulous with how they prep your skin. They also know the exact amount of time it takes to get it right.

Overall, Skin ResQ is still a great option, especially if you’re concerned about how your skin will react to laser hair removal. 

6. SILK Laser Clinics Perth

SILK Laser Clinics Perth Homepage


Address: Shop H115, enex100, 689-703 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000

Services: Cutera and Candela laser hair removal

Contact Information: 8 9468 2313

[email protected]

Clinic Hours: Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Friday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM; Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4.5 / 5
Trust Pilot reviews score4.5 / 5
Product Review reviews score4.1 / 5
Total reviews5 / 5
Score consistency3 / 5
Environment4 / 5
Demeanour3 / 5
Treatments4 / 5
Responsiveness4 / 5


  • Very accommodating to questions and nerves
  • Lots of experience in laser hair removal


  • Staff can be inconsistent
  • Not very receptive to feedback

SILK is one of the more expensive options, but they do use high-end equipment which pretty much justifies the price.

One thing we’ll say about this clinic is that it’s very excellent on good days, but pretty hard to deal with if you get the wrong staff handling your appointment. 

For instance, the better members of their staff were very friendly and helpful to us. We also find that they are great at accommodating clients that have a lot of questions and nerves.

They will answer questions thoroughly and patiently, so you can feel more at ease and know what to expect with treatments. They also prep you for multiple appointments and explain in detail.

The issue we noticed is that they will sometimes have staff that is less consistent with their demeanour and treatment. While they still finish the treatment efficiently, they are not very receptive to feedback.

Occasionally, they also have a waiting time of around twenty minutes to half an hour. Make sure you call before going for your appointment to make sure it’s running on time. 

Despite that, they are also very strict if you are the one that is late. We find their grace period really short, and they’ll likely charge a reschedule if you exceed ten minutes being late.

With all that said, they are one of the more experienced laser hair removal clinics in Perth. So, it’s really about finding the right clinician and receptionist to build a rapport with.

A bit more expensive, will sometimes have some wait time so you can’t always expect appointments to run on time, and yet don’t have a large grace period for if you are the one that is late for your appointment

7. Dynamic Skin Services


Address: 16 / 88 Broadway Crawley WA 6009


Contact Information: (08) 9389 1552 | 0411 596 138

Clinic Hours:

Google reviews score4.8 / 5
Facebook reviews score5 / 5
Total reviews4.9 / 5
Score consistency4.8 / 5
Environment4.5 / 5
Demeanour5 / 5
Treatments4.5 / 5
Responsiveness4.5 / 5


  • Experienced Specialist
  • Effective IPL Hair Removal
  • Paramedical Expertise
  • Complimentary Skin Analysis


  • Cancellation fee

Dynamic Skin Services, located in Perth, is a leading Rejuvenation Beauty Clinic with over 25 years of experience, offering state-of-the-art paramedical procedures.

Brenda Duncan-Smith, the primary specialist skin technician, leads the clinic, providing personalized and highly qualified services, backed by national and international qualifications and training.

The clinic’s IPL Hair Removal service uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for semi-permanent hair reduction, providing a highly effective and safe solution for those seeking an alternative to traditional hair removal methods.

They specialize in paramedical procedures, ensuring clients receive advanced and professional treatments for skin concerns, with a focus on both permanent and semi-permanent solutions.

Aside from this, they offer a free skin analysis consultation, Dynamic Skin Services empowers clients to make informed decisions about their beauty treatments.

Dynamic Skin Services has specific cancellation conditions, including a charge for late cancellations. While this is a common policy, it’s essential for clients to be aware of the clinic’s cancellation terms.

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