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The Best Churches and Cathedrals in Perth That Are Worth Visiting Even if You’re Not Religious

Forget the tall skyscrapers that shine so bright you can see them in space. It’s time to zoom in on the real stars of Perth’s skyline: its historical churches and cathedrals! 

The city boasts over 300 churches and cathedrals, many of which have been around for centuries. From Gothic to Victorian styles, the city is home to some of the most beautiful churches in the country (including one of the only five minor basilicas in Australia!) 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect venue for your dream wedding or just an architecture geek who can’t resist a good spire, this guide has you covered!

St George’s Anglican Cathedral

Location: 38 St.Georges Terrace


Contact details: +61 (0)8 9325 5766, [email protected] 

Probably one of the most beautiful and popular cathedrals in Perth, St George’s Anglican Cathedral is one of the must-visit places in the city. With a Gothic architectural style, the cathedral stands out among the modern buildings surrounding it.

One of the things that first captured our attention when visiting the church was the beautiful sculpture in front. Apparently, it’s inspired and named after St. George’s Ascalon, the lance he used to kill a dragon.

The inside of the church was even more stunning, with the pine ceilings and stained glass windows. Since we went a little past noon, the sunlight was strong, making the stained glass look even prettier.

Pro Tip: The church closes early during public holidays, around 1:00 PM. Make sure to come early if you’re only free during holidays since tourists from other countries also come to visit.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral

Location: 41 Victoria Square


Contact details: 08 9223 1350, [email protected] 

Just 10 minutes walk away from St George’s Cathedral is Saint Mary’s Cathedral, another beautiful Gothic cathedral. The original building was built in 1865, but a few more features were added over the years, making it look more modern than others.

When we first visited the church, we were most amazed by how seamlessly they blended classic and intricate ceiling styles with the modern styles of the church’s newer additions. The vibrant stained windows also match well with the modern altar. 

The church also has an old pipe organ that sounds really beautiful. The organ, along with the lovely voices of the choir, gives the mass we attended here a more serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Pro Tip: For tourists, the cathedral hosts guided tours, typically around Tuesdays. Just call 08 9223 1350 or email [email protected] for more information.

If you’re already in Perth, you can head over to the cathedral’s office and request a ticket to join the tour.

St Patrick’s Basilica

From @realretail_au

Location: 47 Adelaide St, Fremantle


Contact details: (08) 9335 2268; [email protected], [email protected] (for masses, baptisms, weddings, and funerals) 

Located in Fremantle, St Patrick’s Basilica is one of the best churches for those who live in the south to visit. It’s one of the five minor basilicas in Australia, making it an even more important church to visit when in the city.

The church has a Gothic revival style, with two striking spires capturing the entrance. The intricate carvings on the church’s exterior and the beautiful brickwork were also why we consider this one of the most beautiful churches we’ve visited.

Inside, the one that really captured our attention was the colourful tapestry hanging behind the altar. Like most churches, it still has stained glass windows, but the tapestry is definitely the church’s focal point for us.

Pro Tip: We recommend bringing a jacket or a long sleeve if you’re attending a mass here. It can get really cold inside at times.

St Matthew’s Anglican Church

From @mamta3737

Location: Stirling Square, Meadow St, Guildford


Contact details: +618 9279 1141, [email protected] 

Initially built in 1836, St Matthew’s Anglican Church is the oldest church in Swan Parish. However, the original church was later demolished, and a new one was built in Stirling Square in 1860.

The church is a bit smaller compared to other churches we’ve visited, but it’s got this undeniable charm that sets it apart. The church’s simple interior gave us a sense of reverence and peace, so we were able to focus on praying and appreciating the church.

It’s also a bonus that the church is located in the middle of a beautiful park. There’s a man-made lake beside it and lots of beautiful flowers surrounding the park, making it one of the best churches to hold a wedding ceremony.

Pro Tip: They have a kid zone every Sunday service. If you want your kids to learn more about Jesus, the church has loads of creative ways to introduce him to them during the service.

Wesley Uniting Church

From @perth.clicks

Location: 75 William St


Contact details: 08 6103 4222, [email protected] 

Standing in the middle of tall buildings on William Street, Wesley Uniting Church is another stunning church you should visit when in Perth. With its soaring spires, the church will capture your attention even from afar.

The church is one of the most timeless and elegant-looking churches we’ve ever visited. It blends Victorian, gothic, and Romanesque architecture styles that we just can’t help but gawk at whenever we pass by William Street.

The inside, though, is even more beautiful. The sunlight streaming through the stained windows, the stunning patterns on the tall ceilings, and the majestic pipe organ all make the church even more beautiful than it already is.

Pro Tip: They sometimes host candlelight concerts in the church! Just monitor the church’s website to be updated on when the next concert will be.

Saint Brigid Church

From @squishy_perspective

Location: 211 Aberdeen St, Northbridge


Contact details: (08) 9227 7956

Founded in 1904, St Brigid Church remains one of the most active churches in Perth even after almost 120 years. It holds mass every day from Tuesday to Sunday, so it’s one of the best churches for religious Catholics to visit.

We’ve attended a couple of masses here because of how friendly the community is. Plus, there’s a certain sense of calmness and peace inside the church, different from the busy city it’s in.

For non-religious ones who are more curious about the church’s architecture, you won’t be disappointed too. From its vibrant walls of red brick to its stunning Federation Gothic style architecture, there are a lot of things that will leave you in awe in this church.

Pro Tip: For the Spanish-speaking community in Perth who want to attend a mass, St Brigid holds a Spanish mass every Saturday from 6:30 PM. The church is very punctual with its mass, so make sure not to arrive late!

St Joseph’s Church

From @johnnybaune

Location: 3 Salvado Rd, Subiaco


Contact details: (08) 9381 0400, [email protected] 

Another breathtaking Roman Catholic church is St Joseph’s Church in Subiaco. It has an imposing presence on the busy Salvado Road with its tall bell tower and dark red brickwork, making everyone who passes by turn and look.

We expected the church to be a bit run down or at least show several signs of its age since it’s been around for 90 years, but the parishioners did a great job at maintaining the place. From the exterior to the interior, everything in the church looks stunning.

Its beautiful architecture aside, the main highlight of the church for us is the priest. We attended the 9:00 AM Sunday mass and really loved how the priest conducted it with humour without straying away from the sermon’s message.

Pro Tip: There’s limited parking on-site, so make sure to come early. If you happen to come late and don’t have any parking space anymore, you can try parking at the St John of God Subiaco Hospital just across the road.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Location: 64 Mary St, Highgate


Contact details: (08) 9328 3433, [email protected] 

Located in the tree-line Mary Street of Highgate is Sacred Heart Catholic Church, a Roman Catholic Church whose history dates back to 1906. With a mass held daily from Tuesday to Sunday, the church is the centre of the Catholic community in Highgate.

I’m not sure if it’s because the whole street is lined by trees, but the church has one of the calmest and most serene atmospheres among the churches we’ve been to. The simple architecture and interior of the church also helped us focus on the mass more.

The church is quite small, but it has really tall ceilings, so it didn’t feel stuffy while inside. Sunlight also came through the stained glass windows, most of which were decorated with images of the Virgin Mary, giving the church a more peaceful and cosy vibe.

Pro Tip: For Italians looking for the perfect church to attend mass, this church is for you! It hosts Italian mass every Sunday at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM.

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