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Perth’s Wealth Haven Its Richest Suburb and Its People

Perth’s Wealth Haven: Its Richest Suburb and Its People

Thanks to Western Australia’s booming economy, Perth has seen exceptionally rapid growth that allows its residents to enjoy a high standard of living at a lower cost compared to most other major cities in Australia. 

Combined with its amazing climate all year round, it’s no surprise that a lot of Australia’s richest have decided to call the City of Lights their home.

Curious to know which part of the city they live in? Wonder about that no longer. 

We’ll spill the deets on the richest part of Perth and some of the most famous people that live there!

What is the richest part of Perth?

The richest part of Perth is Dalkeith, an affluent suburb located southwest of the Perth CBD. This suburb is part of Perth’s Golden Triangle, which is a collection of the richest suburbs in the city.

Unsurprisingly, it’s also Perth’s most expensive suburb. According to REIWA, this suburb has a median house price of $3,187,500 and a median apartment unit price of $870,000.

So, what makes Dalkeith so special? Why has it become a haven for Perth’s richest?

The answer lies within Dalkeith’s curious geographic position. It’s situated on land that is surrounded by the Swan River on almost all sides except the north, with only the similarly affluent suburbs of Claremont and Nedlands bordering it. 

This lets the residents of Dalkeith enjoy a life that is virtually isolated from the rest of Perth while still having easy access to the Perth CBD thanks to the major roads and train lines serving the suburb.

This suburb is also only a few minutes’ drive away from many of Perth’s most popular beaches like Cottesloe Beach and Scarborough Beach.

Of course, being a riverside suburb is also another strong reason why it has become a favourite suburb for many of Perth’s elite. You’ll see many of Dalkeith’s biggest homes along the riverside roads of Birdwood Parade and Jutland Parade.

The suburb also has plenty of nature spaces where its residents can relax during the weekends like Jo Wheatley All Abilities Play Space and Point Resolution Reserve.

Aside from its strategic location and natural beauty, Dalkeith is also a favoured suburb for many families thanks to its close proximity to some of Perth’s most prestigious educational institutions like the University of Western Australia.

Notable People Residing in Dalkeith

Now that you know the richest part of Perth, it’s time you get to know some of the famous people living in it! Here are a couple of them who you might’ve heard of on the news or seen on social media:

Gina Rinehart

Currently Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart is one of Dalkeith’s high-profile homeowners who owns not one but three houses in the said suburb.

She made most of her money from her ventures in Western Australia’s lucrative mining industry. Gina is currently the CEO of Hancock Prospecting, which is the largest mining company in the entire state.

Her biggest estate in Dalkeith is the one she inherited from her father, Lang Hancock, who bought the said estate back in the 1950s.

Kerry Stokes

Kerry Stokes is another billionaire who has a prominent estate in Dalkeith. He has made investments in several fields, but he is probably best known for being the chairman of Seven Network, one of Australia’s biggest broadcasting networks.

His Dalkeith estate is famous for its extravagance and rare beauty. In fact, an article published by The Sydney Morning Herald described his estate as “something like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.”

Michael Bambang Hartono

Aside from local billionaires, Dalkeith has also become a home to many foreign billionaires like Michael Bambang Hartono. An Indonesian national, Michael made his fortunes off his highly successful tobacco company, Djarum.

His property in Dalkeith is a massive compound located beside Jutland Parade. It serves as his family’s holiday home outside of Indonesia. 

Sultan Ibrahim Ismail

The next one on this list is another foreign billionaire and is, in fact, a royalty himself. The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail, is one of the newest property owners in Dalkeith.

Perth is one of the sultan’s most favoured holiday destinations, which is why he bought a huge plot of land in Dalkeith for $8.5 million and turned it into a three-storey holiday home.

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