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Cost of Living in Perth

Cost of Living in Perth

If you’re thinking about the cost of living in Perth, strap on your budgeting boots because there’s a lot to think about. No worries, though, because we’ve got your back!

Perth’s cost of living is typically seen as lower than most Australian cities. But, there are still many things to consider when moving to Perth such as salary, housing, utilities, education, transport, food and entertainment.

Check out these expenses or cost of living categories in detail below to serve as your handy guide when you’re in Perth.

Is it expensive to live in Perth?

Average Salary

Average Salary

Let’s delve into the intriguing world of Perth’s paychecks, whether you’re an inquisitive job seeker, a frugal traveller, or just a finance geek. 

You may grab a beverage first! We feel it’s best to grab coffee, tea, or beer for this one.

The median annual salary in Australia is around 102,000 AUD. For those who hate to do maths, this means around 8,500 AUD monthly and 2,125 AUD weekly.

We think that’s a fairly respectable sum of money to spend each week! You could buy yourself a new outfit, treat yourself to a fancy supper at one of Perth’s top restaurants, or set aside money for an emergency.


But let’s not overlook life’s daily necessities. You could purchase approximately 462 average takeaway coffees per week for this amount of money. 

Alternatively, if you like to prepare meals at home, you could load up on 621 kg of potatoes, 335 dozens of eggs, or 218 gallons of milk weekly – there are a bunch of combos to try out!


Of course, we believe the reality of making a living in Perth may not be all fun and games. In our opinion, you’ll need a respectable income to purchase a place of your own because the city’s median house price is currently around 550,000 AUD. 

Here are some of the best paying jobs in Perth in 2023, according to Salary Explorer:

Job PositionEstimated Annual Salary Range
Surgeons or Doctors175,000 AUD to 603,000 AUD
Lawyers and Judges119,000 AUD to 507,000 AUD
Bank Managers112,000 AUD to 386,000 AUD
Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)105,000 AUD to 362,000 AUD
Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)97,700 AUD to 338,000 AUD
College Professors83,800 AUD to 290,000 AUD
Pilots69,800 AUD to 241,000 AUD
Marketing Directors62,800 AUD to 217,000 AUD

But don’t worry if you’re not in these industries! With persistence and hard work, you could still make a decent living in Perth.

House and Apartment Rentals

House and Apartment Rentals

You’ve arrived in the country of kangaroos, koalas, and possibly expensive rent! If you’re considering moving to Perth, we believe you should start setting aside money for living costs. 

First things first: What should you budget for when renting in Perth? 

The average weekly rent in Perth for a home is currently around 480 AUD, while the average weekly rent for an apartment is currently around 420 AUD. 

These are Perth’s (and other Australian cities’) median house rents per week for your easy reference from

Australian CityEst. Weekly Median House RentChange (Annual)
Perth480 AUD+6.7%
Melbourne460 AUD+4.5%
Brisbane530 AUD+11.6%
Adelaide480 AUD+9.1%
Sydney630 AUD+5%
Hobart540 AUD+8%
Darwin600 AUD0%
ACT670 AUD+7.2%
All Capital Cities520 AUD+8.3%

Moreover, here’s another table of reference for median unit rents per week:

Australian CityEst. Weekly Median Unit RentChange (Annual)
Perth420 AUD+5%
Melbourne425 AUD+9%
Brisbane440 AUD+10%
Adelaide395 AUD+9.7%
Sydney530 AUD+6%
Hobart450 AUD+7.1%
Darwin500 AUD+5.3%
ACT550 AUD+5.8%
All Capital Cities470 AUD+9.3%

Of course, the location, size, and quality of the property will all have a significant impact on these costs. Renting in the suburbs or finding roommates to share a home or flat with might be more cost-effective options if you’re searching for one.

The bond is also something to consider when planning your housing expenses budget. Landlords typically demand this security fee before you move in, which is typically equal to 4 weeks’ worth of rent. 

Therefore, if you’re paying 480 AUD per week to rent a house, you’ll need to put down 1,920 AUD as a security deposit. However, if you leave the property in good condition and your contract is up, you should be able to get your bond back.


In addition, you might try travelling around various neighbourhoods looking for ‘for rent’ signs. Or, you could visit nearby real estate offices to see what they have available. 

Also, don’t neglect to ask your friends, coworkers, and people on your social media networks. Word of mouth is often a great way to discover hidden gems.

Overall, renting a home or an apartment in Perth can be an expensive endeavour. But with a little bit of searching and advance preparation, we think you can locate a wonderful residence within your price range. 

Utility Prices

Utility Prices

If you’re staying in Perth for good, be prepared for its utility expenses. 

We believe this may not be the most exciting topic (especially for those who want to go to bars and pubs right after landing), but this is definitely an important one. 

So first up, electricity. Now, we all know that turning off lights and unplugging appliances can save you money, but did you know that you can also save by choosing the right electricity provider? 

That’s right, shopping around for the best deal can save you a pretty penny. Plus, you can feel good about supporting a company that uses renewable energy sources. 


The average household in Perth can expect to pay around 200 AUD per month for utilities. This is for electricity, heating, water, and garbage for an 85 sqm apartment. 

If you want some good news: water prices in Perth are relatively cheap compared to other major cities in Australia. Plus, with all the beaches and pools in the area, we think you might not even need to use that much water! 

Just make sure you visit the dog-friendly beaches now and then, so your furry friend can experience all the fun as well!


People who also use Wi-Fi as their lifeline must prioritise their internet and phone bills, in our opinion. With so many providers in Perth offering competitive plans, we know you can find one that fits your needs and budget. 

On average, expect to pay about 77 AUD per month for a good internet plan. 

Also, a 1-minute local prepaid call with no plan or discount costs around 0.56 AUD. This is a tad higher than that of other Australian cities – so when you’re on the phone, it’s best to get straight to the point.



We can say that with great education comes great expense – or, doesn’t it? 

Though when it comes to education, Perth offers some of the best schools and universities in Australia. In fact, international students love it here – they can get a 40% discount on all buses and other public transportation throughout the city!

But residents get the most benefit, starting when they’re little. Public schools in Perth are free for Australian citizens and permanent residents getting their primary and secondary education, which we believe is a huge bonus! 


However, there are some additional expenses to consider, such as uniforms, textbooks, and school excursions. On average, you can expect to pay from 500 AUD for these additional expenses. 

Private schools are also an option, but they can be quite expensive, with fees of up to 30,000 AUD (or more!) per year.

Next up, let’s talk about tertiary education. Perth is home to a number of great universities for both local and international students.

Here are the top universities in Perth:
The University of Western Australia
Curtin University
Edith Cowan University
Murdoch University
University of Notre Dame

The cost of tertiary education can vary depending on the institution and the course of study, but on average, you can expect to pay around 20,000 to 45,000 AUD per year for tuition fees. 

However, there are a number of scholarship and financial aid options available. Therefore, we advise you to do your research and make calls to see what options are available.


Nevertheless, we believe education isn’t just about formal schooling. There are also plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and hobbies in Perth, whether it’s through community classes, online courses, or workshops. 

These can range in price, but we’ve seen that several can be affordable and are a great way to expand your knowledge and meet new people.



Perth has a fantastic transportation system that can help you get around without breaking the bank. So if you live there, you’re in luck!

We like that Perth has a fantastic bus and train network for public transportation. The SmartRider card can be used to pay for your fees as well. 

But depending on the distance you’re travelling, the price of a particular fare can change. However, a single adult fare should typically cost no more than 4.50 AUD


By getting a SmartRider card and adding credit to it, regular riders can save money. If you’re smart with it, this may result in reduced ticket prices and long-term financial savings.

Now, about taxis and ride-sharing services: note that while these can be handy, they can also be quite expensive. For a brief journey in a taxi or ride-share, you should budget between 25 and 45 AUD on average.

Additionally, the costs of using a taxi or ride-sharing frequently can rapidly add up, so we think it’s worthwhile to weigh your options.


Cycling is a good way to get around Perth as well. You can hire a bike from a number of different companies, and Perth has a fantastic network of bike paths. 

For a bike hire, you should budget between 15 and 30 AUD per day. Still, note that rates may vary depending on how long you’ll need the bike.

Once you get the hang of it, cycling is an excellent way to reduce transportation costs and remain healthy. This could be in addition to going to the gym, yoga, and Pilates classes.


Finally, you may have more flexibility and freedom if you own a car, but it can also be quite expensive. Of course, the price of buying a vehicle, registration fees, insurance, and maintenance expenses must all be taken into account. 

Just keep in mind that owning and operating a vehicle in Perth may cost up to 215 AUD per week. We think you might want to mix it up with walking and biking to work at times to lower the costs.

Altogether, there are plenty of options for getting around Perth. Over time, you’ll be able to change or personalise your chosen modes of transportation per route to be more efficient.

Food and Restaurants

Food and Restaurants

Living in Perth is a fantasy come true if you’re a real foodie. There are lots of food spots to choose from because the city has a thriving cuisine. 

However, there are so many choices that you may easily overspend when dining out. It’s smart to do research beforehand so you won’t go over budget.

Firstly, let’s discuss inexpensive food. Perth has many choices for affordable meals, including food trucks and little cafes. The popular ones include Mexican tacos, Japanese ramen, and Vietnamese pho – all of which look good for your Instagram feed!

These kinds of restaurants typically charge between 10 and 15 AUD per meal. In our opinion, this is wonderful if you have a limited budget.

But if you have more disposable income, you may also consider mid-range dining options. There are many mid-priced restaurants in Perth, from Italian to Thai to modern Australian. 

Depending on the menu and area, these restaurants typically charge 30 to 50 AUD per person. We recommend these for a special date or to hang out with friends.

Finally, you’ll have to try fine dining here once in a while when you can. Perth offers a wide variety of exquisite dining establishments if you’re looking for a celebration or a fancy night out. 

The cost of a meal at these establishments can range from 100 to 200 AUD per person. So, we advise choosing your restaurant and meals wisely.

However, dining out isn’t your only choice – you can always cut costs by making meals at home. It may take some cooking classes for newbies, for sure, but it could still be worth it!

Moreover, Perth is home to many fantastic marketplaces where you can purchase fresh goods and ingredients. We believe this makes it easier for many to prepare tasty meals at home.

Activities and Entertainment

Activities and Entertainment

No matter if you’re an adventurer or a culture vulture, we believe that you can discover Perth’s vibrant entertainment scene in no time.

Living in Perth gives you access to a variety of recreational opportunities. However, there are so many choices that it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the number of recreational activities. 

Right off the bat, Perth has plenty of options for free activities. This goes from visiting the beach to exploring local parks and gardens. 

Throughout the year, you can also find free events like music festivals and art exhibits. These pursuits can be ways for you to spoil yourself and your loved ones.

Next, there are also some inexpensive activities to try out. You can go on a bike ride, a yoga session, or a visit to a nearby museum. 

In our opinion, these kinds of activities are a fantastic choice if you’re on a tight budget because they typically cost between 10 and 20 AUD per person.

Of course, Perth offers a wide variety of high-end entertainment choices for those who want to splurge a little. There’s something for everyone, from live theatre shows to sporting activities to upscale movie theatres!

These kinds of activities can cost 50 to 100 AUD or more per individual. This seems quite expensive, so better save up as soon as possible!

Other than these, you may also go on a wildlife excursion, a Swan River scenic cruise, or a tour of a nearby winery. Some of these things can be booked online, so it’s a good idea to think about doing that ahead of time.

You can choose a different activity per weekend – we think it would take a lot for you to get bored in this city!

And there you go! We hope you find the information you need about the cost of living in Perth. May you travel smart and have fun during your stay!

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