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What to Do When You’re in Pemberton and the Southern Forests

What to Do When You’re in Pemberton and the Southern Forests

Pemberton is known mostly for its wines and truffles. But did you know that there’s more to this spot than its Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Merlot?

Is Pemberton worth visiting?

Definitely! We listed down our favourite things to do whenever we visit Pemberton and the southern forests.

  • Wine tasting at Lost Lake Winery, Picardy, and Hidden River Estate among others
  • Perk up the day with breakfast and cups of hot steaming coffee.
  • Climb a tree or two at The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree and the Gloucester Tree.
  • Hike and bike at Beedelup Falls Walk Trail and Pemberton Mountain Bike Park, among others.
  • Ride the beaches with four-by-four vehicles from Pemberton Discovery Tours.

1. Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

This is the most obvious reason why we go to Pemberton and Manjimup. These two spots produce some of the best wines found in Western Australia.

A little bit of caution though. Before you visit these wineries on a whim, you’ll have to know that most of them are only open by appointment or only during weekends.

With good planning, you can snag up a 60-minute session for wine appreciation on a Sunday at the Lost Lake Winery. You can also try making an appointment with Dan Pannell of Picardy, and you just might end up with a case or two of their finest pinot.

Enjoy some pulled beef cheek and the in-house wines at the Hidden River Estate while you gaze at the spectacular views. We also suggest visiting Silkwood Estate and Below and Above for some great wine selections.

You’ll have to be careful in drinking too much wine to avoid staining your teeth. In any case, a top dentist can help you regain your teeth’s whiteness.

2. Stay a while and power up

Stay a while and power up

Be sure to visit the Forest Lodge Resort for a great breakfast featuring interesting German cuisine-inspired dishes. 

Southern Roasting Co makes great coffee, and we’re not ashamed to say we drank more than a mug of that rich strong brew. Once you’re properly energized, drop by the Power Up Electricity Museum next door.

For an afternoon buzz, drop by Wild at Heart Cafe. You’ll enjoy the perfect slice of cake while sipping on more black coffee.

We have to say that we’ve been advised by our cardiologist to take caffeine down a notch. And so far, we’re proud to say that we’ve been faithful to his advice.

3. Aim high and tree-climb

Aim high and tree-climb

The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree and the Gloucester Tree offer bird’s eye views of the surrounding area. The metal pegs embedded in the magnificent trees serve as your guides to climbing the entire length of 75 metres.

This is not for the faint of heart, so you can take hikes around the region for a tamer adventure. Put on those boots correctly and walk properly as advised by top podiatrists in Perth.

4. Bike or hike

Whether on two legs or two wheels, you can always explore the beauty of Pemberton and the southern forests. Incredible mountain trails can be found where you can rent out bikes if you didn’t bring any.

We hiked up Beedelup Falls Walk Trail, which was a 4.5-kilometre loop that took us about two hours. 

We were intrigued with the Beedelup to Pemberton trail, which was a one-way hike, but we were told it would take six to eight hours.

The 33 different tracks of Pemberton Mountain Bike Park range from easy to difficult, and we’re excited to try that when we visit next time.

We have to say that the trails were a bit exhausting for us, so we ended up going to our respective chiropractors and physiotherapists for some exams and advice.

The trails are incredibly photogenic, so your phone’s camera will easily capture the scenes and sights for that perfect social media post. 

Make sure your eyesight is perfect so you can take the best snapshots. Have your eyes checked at an eye clinic nearest you.

5. Drive up the beach

Drive up the beach

You’re sure to have a blast riding the four-by-four vehicles by Pemberton Discovery Tours. Explore the wilderness and the spectacular Yeagarup Dunes on your last day in the area.

We always round up our trip with the most exciting and exhausting adventures. You’d be surprised at how many memories you’ll make when you visit Pemberton and the southern forests.

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