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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Perth

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Perth

Despite its reputation as one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, Perth remains a vibrant and magnetizing town to locals and tourists. After all, almost every traveler type can find something they love here.

Why is Perth worth visiting?

Perth is worth the visit, as it offers plenty of attractions and activities to keep your vacation fun and memorable, no matter what kind of tourist you are. 

The city is home to nature parks for the whole family, museums and art galleries for the cultural buffs, unique shops for the hipsters, and breathtaking islands, beaches, and trails for lovers of the great outdoors.

Moreover, the city has lots of stops for delectable food and flowing tap beer

Most importantly, the city acknowledges its Aboriginal roots and ensures that all who visit will get to know and appreciate the rich history of the land.

Raring to go now? Read our ultimate guide for helpful information and tips you’ll need before and during your visit to Australia’s captivating west capital.

Inside This Guide

  1. Things to Do in Perth
  2. Best Time to Visit Perth
  3. Best Places to Stay in Perth
  4. Getting around Perth
  5. Perth Travel Cost
  6. Perth Budget Guide
  7. How to Save Money during Your Perth Travel
  8. Best Places to Book Travels to Perth
  9. Packing Tips for Perth
  10. Staying Safe in Perth

Things to Do in Perth

  1. Explore Perth City
  2. Bask in Fremantle’s rich culture
  3. Soak up the sunshine on Rottnest Island
  4. Conquer Perth’s beaches
  5. Get up close and personal with Rockingham’s marine life

Discovering everything Perth has to offer can be overwhelming if you’re to do it without a plan. 

To avoid that, we recommend taking on one location at a time starting from Perth City, then gradually expanding your travel to also cover must-visit suburbs.

1. Explore Perth City

On top of Perth’s attractions, going around the city is satisfying in itself thanks to its stunning architecture, eye-catching public art, and refreshing urban greenery. 

Kings Park 

Kings Park is a nature attraction right at the heart of the city where you can take in views of the Swan River and enchanting city sunsets.

Great for: Families on picnics, walking, and jogging with pets

Swan River Cruise

Swan River Cruise

The Swan River Cruise starts from Perth at Barrack Square and usually takes two to eight hours, with day tours available for booking all year round. 

Expect to see from the river’s vantage point famous sites including the Bell Tower, Swan Brewery, Royal Perth Club, Perth’s mansions, and Fremantle’s inner harbor.

Great for: Travelers who like luxury

Perth Cultural Centre

The cultural complex connecting Perth and Northbridge houses premiere art and cultural buildings such as the WA Museum Boola Bardip, Art Gallery of WA, and State Library of Western Australia.

Within the property also lies a nature play space, a beautiful wetlands landscape, and a sustainable urban orchard.

Entry to the art gallery and state library is free. 

Great for: Families, cultural and art buffs, and bookworms

The Perth Mint

This building carries a long history that started in 1899 when it first operated under the British crown. Today, it serves as Australia’s official bullion mint.

Must-sees include the live gold pour and the world’s largest gold coin.  

Great for: Families, cultural and history buffs, curious tourists (who might also love money)

Western Australia Visitor Centre

Address55 William St, Perth, WA 6000
Contact Details(08) 9483-1111 | [email protected]

2. Bask in Fremantle’s rich culture

Fremantle is a lovely port city dotted with historical structures and charming shops. Also, the seafood is to die for!

Fremantle Markets

Fremantle Markets

The historic Fremantle marketplace has been around since 1897, consistently housing traders and buskers that liven up the atmosphere. There are over 150 stalls to check out, each with its unique goodies and souvenirs.

Expect to spend a lot on international cuisine, fresh produce, and locally handmade items ranging from pens to handsoaps. 

The market is open three days a week from Friday to Sunday.

Great for: Fans of retail therapy, souvenir hunters, and families

Fremantle Prison

The Fremantle Prison is a world heritage site that offers guided tours about the building’s history since its construction by convicts in the 1850s. 

Popular tours include the eerie Torchlight Tour where you walk among the cells (and where you might spot a ghost or two) and the Underground Tunnels Tour, which will require you to don a helmet and ride a boat 20 meters below the ground.

Great for: Thrill seekers, history buffs, families with older kids

WA Maritime Museum

Shipwrecks exhibits, maritime history, and treasures from the Indian Ocean fill the WA Maritime Museum to the brim. The building is close to the shore, adding to the public site’s thematic vibe.

Enhance your educational tour by swinging by the Shipwrecks Museum to see more ship exhibits and learn more about WA’s maritime heritage.

Great for: Families, ship nerds, and history buffs

Fremantle Visitor Centre

AddressWalyalup Koort, 155 High St, Fremantle, WA 6160
Contact Details(08) 9431-7878

3. Soak up the sunshine on Rottnest Island

Get ready to ride a ferry departing from Barrack Street Jetty, Fremantle, and Hillarys Boat Harbor to reach Rottnest island. If you like it fancy, hire a seaplane, air taxi, or helicopter or arrive on your private boat.

Rottnest Bike Tour

There are also bus and boat tours in Rottnest, but the Rottnest Bike Tour should be the best option for exploring the island at your own pace. Expect scenic views and plenty of quokkas competing for cuteness.

Great for: Outdoor types, families who love the sea, traveler-photographers

Rottnest Skydiving

Skydiving and seeing Rottnest Island from above must be on adventurers’ bucket lists. 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance worth saving up for.

If you’re weak of heart, tours usually also offer you a bird’s eye view of Fremantle, Perth City, and the WA Coastline.

Great for: Thrill seekers, experienced skydivers

Rottnest Whale Watching

Rottnest Whale Watching

The Rottnest Fast Ferries operate from September to November, in time with the annual southern migration of humpback whales. The whale-watching experience is further enriched by the inclusion of a marine scientist who will educate you about the gentle giants.

Great for: Families, outdoor types, and whale fans

Rottnest Island Visitor Centre

Address1 Henderson Ave, Rottnest Island, WA 6161
Contact Details(08) 9372-9730

4. Conquer Perth’s beaches

There are 19 white sand beaches spanning Perth’s coastline where you can sunbathe, swim, surf, snorkel, and more. Here are the most popular ones to include in your itinerary.

Bathers Beach 


Bathers Beach’s location is close to Fremantle’s shops, restaurants, harbors, and museums, making it the most favorable if you plan to roam around after swimming.

The waters are generally calm here, so you can swim with the kids too.

Great for: Families out on a swim, travelers who love watching the sunset and walking around

Cottesloe Beach


Cottlesloe beach is best for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing come summertime. Moreover, you won’t worry about safety, as it’s patrolled during the peak season. 

The surrounding areas offer plenty of shade, and there’s an elevated grass area perfect for unwinding and sunset watching. A free art exhibition by the sea is also held here every March.

Great for: Water sports enthusiasts and pros, families on beach picnics

Scarborough Beach

City of Stirling

Beginner surfers flock to Scarborough Beach to learn the basics from specialty schools Scarborough Beach Surf School and Perth Go Surf. Meanwhile, serious surfers go farther north at Trigg Beach to catch reliable breaks.

First-time visitors should also try the state-of-the-art Scarborough Beach Pool and clear laps in one of its 12 lanes while overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Great for: Surfers of all levels, families out on a swim or barbecue picnic, beach fans

5. Get up close and personal with Rockingham’s marine life

Rockingham, a town one hour south of Perth, cradles the pristine and thriving Shoalwater Islands Marine Park where you can meet penguins, seals, dolphins, sea birds, and many more.

Penguin Island

Penguin Island

Penguin Island is home to over 1,200 little penguins, the largest colony in Australia, so you’re guaranteed to spot the creature when you visit. Travelers who love watching feedings can also head over to the Discovery Centre.

The island is closed to tourists every early June to mid-September to prevent people from disturbing the little penguins during nesting season.

Great for: Families, nature lovers, and penguin fans

Seal Island

Kayaking and paddleboarding are the most exciting ways to witness the seals on Seal Island as they bask in the sun, swim around, or play with each other. Just don’t go too near, as these creatures can be quite aggressive.

Alternatively, you can take a cruise if you’re not confident with your paddling or boarding skills. 

Great for: Adventurous tourists, nature lovers, seal fans

Swim with Dolphin Cruise

The one-of-a-kind Dolphin Cruise headed by the Perth Wildlife Encounters is sure to mesmerize. Meet the boat at 8:00 AM, and you can spend the next three to six hours swimming with dolphins to your heart’s content.

Tours are open from September to early June every year.

Great for: Nature lovers, adventurous tourists, and families with older kids

West Coast Dive Park

Experienced divers can spend the day in the deep at West Coast Dive Park. Look at dive wrecks and colorful fishes and corals!

Remember to secure a recreational dive permit if you’re diving in the area, especially if you’re going for the Saxon Ranger wreck.

Great for: Skilled divers, adventurous tourists

Rockingham Visitor Centre

Address19 Kent St, Rockingham, WA 6168
Contact Details(08) 9592-3464 | [email protected]

Other Perth Suburbs to Check Out

  • Subiaco. Offers an exciting dining and bar scene and is rich in everything art and culture
  • Mandurah. Notable experiences include a cruise on the town’s Venetian-like canals and wildlife watching at the Peel-Harvey Estuary
  • Dwellingup. The mountain bike trails here make for a perfect adrenaline-pumping activity
  • Swan Valley. A sophisticated suburb that will delight aficionados with the numerous food and drink trails
  • Perth Hills. An elevated region perfect for bushwalking, hiking, and stargazing; also home to the beautiful Lesmurdie Falls
  • Avon Valley. A charming place east of Perth where colorful wildflowers thrive; also has memorable experiences including ballooning, gliding, and paragliding

Best Time to Visit Perth

Best Time to Visit Perth

Visiting Perth all year round is okay thanks to the city’s plentiful sunny days and Mediterranean-style climate. But if you had to pick, it’s best to go in the spring season when the days are warm and mild and rainfall is less. 

It’s also the time when Perth’s wildflowers are in full bloom and festivals abound in the city. 

Take note that school holidays also take place during this season in September and October. It’s best to avoid the holiday dates, lest you find the tourist spots overcrowded.

SeasonTemperature & ClimateMonthsAttractions & Activities
Summer– 17.5°C – 30°C (63.5°F – 86°F)
– Hot and dry
– Very little rainfall 
December to FebruaryAttractions: Outdoor cinemas, white sand beaches, sunset markets 

Activities: Surfing, kayaking, water biking, snorkeling, diving, cruising
Autumn– 13.7°C – 26°C (56.6°F – 78.8°F)
– Warm and sunny
– Cooler nights
March to MayAttractions: Food and wine trails at Fremantle, Swan Valley, and Perth Hills

Activities: Blue whale watching, hiking, cycling
Winter– 8°C – 19°C (46.4°F – 66.2°F)
– Cool and wet
– Occasional storms
June to AugustAttractions: Perth trails, weekend markets, heritage pubs

Activities: Museum hopping, indoor games, hot air ballooning in the suburb, staycations
Spring– 11.7°C – 23°C (53°F – 73.4°F)
– Warm and sunny
– Little rainfall
September to NovemberAttractions: Spring festivals, nature parks

Activities: Whale watching, swimming with dolphins, self-drive trails

What is the hottest month in Perth?

Perth is hottest in February with the maximum temperature going as high as 31.9°C (89°F). Meanwhile, the coldest month in the city is in July when temperatures go as low as 8°C (46°F).

What is the rainiest month in Perth?

Perth has the most rainfall in either June or July in the winter season, with the average ranging from 159 to 162 millimeters. Average rainy days are between 12 and 14.

Perth is also less busy during these months, making it the perfect time to visit when you want to avoid the crowd. Rest assured that you can still do plenty of things here even if the weather is a bit gloomy.

Best Places to Stay in Perth

Best Places to Stay in Perth

Perth and its suburbs have accommodation options for all budgets. Depending on how much money you have, you can book five-star hotels, apartments, and hostels.

Best Luxury Hotels in Perth

  1. COMO The Treasury
  2. QT Perth
  3. The Ritz-Carlton

COMO The Treasury

COMO The Treasury’s selling point has got to be its location in Perth’s State Buildings, a stylish contrast to the hotel’s modern, sophisticated interiors. 

Don’t miss COMO Shambala’s wellness therapies for all-out pampering.

QT Perth

You’re treated to gorgeous views of the city on QT Perth’s rooftop bar and to scrumptious dinners courtesy of the Santini Bar & Grill. 

If you want to shop, you can walk to the Hay Street and Murray Street Malls from the hotel. 

The Ritz-Carlton

This Ritz-Carlton’s luxury is amped by stunning views of Swan River and the CBD, an outdoor infinity pool, and day spa facilities. 

Premium dining at the hotel’s flagship restaurant and drinking at the rooftop bar is also a must-try during your stay.

Also, the hotel’s architecture and riverside location are awe-inspiring.

Best Apartment Hotels in Perth

  1. Nesuto Mounts Bay Perth
  2. Quest Kings Park
  3. The Sebel East Perth

Nesuto Mounts Bay Perth

Nesuto Mounts Bay’s accommodation provides the best of both worlds with its apartment facilities and hotel service benefits. Apartments come with a kitchen, allowing for homemade cooking away from home.

You can also stay active while in town with the apartment’s tennis court, gym, and outdoor swimming pool.

It’s close to the CBD, and the apartment got bikes that you can hire to explore the city. 

Quest Kings Park

Families staying in Quest King Park’s apartments can take advantage of its proximity to Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Rooms also offer stunning views of the CBD skyline and the park.

Quest Kings Park is also close to charming and history-rich Subiaco.

The Sebel East Perth

The Sebel East Perth is only a five-minute drive away from the CBD and offers spectacular views of the Swan River and Claisebrook Cove.

Complement your stay with a meal prepared at the apartment’s barbecue facilities.

Best Hostels in Perth

Best Hostels in Perth
  1. Spinner’s Hostel
  2. The Shiralee Hostel
  3. Hostel G

Spinner’s Hostel

Spinner’s Hostel recently upgraded its facilities and amenities to cater to a new generation of backpackers, but it still holds the same vibe—welcoming, chill, and comfy. 

The best additions include the power points and USB ports installed beside every bed and the brand new fully-equipped kitchen.

The Shiralee Hostel

Young international travelers under the age of 35 and over 18 will love the private rooms, cheap dorm rooms, and free breakfast at the Shiralee Hostel. 

Moreover, the communal area is spacious and gives the opportunity to make friends with other tourists.

The real plus is that it’s only a nine-minute drive to Kings Park and a 20-minute drive to Cottesloe Beach.

Hostel G

Hostel G provides shared and private rooms to accommodate solo travelers, couples, groups of friends, and families. 

The bedrooms are modern and the space is optimized without looking too crammed, allowing for a comfortable stay.

Socializing is encouraged at the hostel’s communal facilities such as the kitchenette and game area.

What is the best part of Perth to stay in?

What is the best part of Perth to stay in

The best place for accommodation in Perth depends on your travel experience, itinerary, and budget. 

For first-time visitors, the Perth Central Business District is easily the ideal part of town to stay in due to the extensive accommodation options and its proximity to attractions and public transport.

On the other hand, visitors who have been to Perth before can opt to stay in Northbridge to experience more of the city life. Or book a hotel in Fremantle for the cultural tours and markets.

Meanwhile, the apartments in South Perth are perfect for families, while accommodations in the City of Stirling, particularly in Scarborough Beach, are great for those into water sports and seaside fun.

Getting around Perth

Getting around Perth can be done by walking, car, bus, train, ferry, bike, and taxi. 

Of these options, the best way to explore is on foot or via the Central Area Transit bus services. Doing so will ensure that you won’t miss top attractions, plus they’re totally free!

That said, these options are most practical only within the city and nearby suburbs connected by bridges. 

Farther towns such as Fremantle, Rottnest Island, and Rockingham are best reached by train for fast travel or ferries for scenic trips. 

Is Perth a walkable city?

Western Australia’s capital Perth is safe to explore on foot, thanks to the city’s wide pavements and laneways. 

Bridges that connect CBD to nearby Northbridge and East Perth also allow safe, extended walking tours.

Perth City is second to Northbridge in walkability. Meanwhile, the whole of Perth including the suburbs is the fifth most walkable large city in Australia.

Guide to Perth Public Transport: Buses, Trains, and Ferries

Guide to Perth Public Transport Buses, Trains, and Ferries

Central Area Transit

Perth’s Central Area Transit (CAT) operates within the city’s Free Transit Zone. Riding within the zone is free.

The CAT buses are color-coded so you can determine where one will take you. There is a total of five routes that will take you around the zone.

Fremantle and Joondalup also have their own CAT buses.

Buying Tickets

Tourists going beyond the Free Transit Zone will need to buy cash tickets from bus drivers, train stations, and ferry jetties.

Alternatively, you can avail of a SmartRider card from the Transperth Info Centre. 

This smart card allows for convenient fare payment between stops. It’s also more affordable than buying individual tickets.

Perth Fare System

The public transport service in Perth is called Transperth for short. 

When riding, your fare is calculated depending on the number of zones you traveled through. There are a total of nine zones covered by Transperth. 

Transperth implements a two-zone fare cap. That means you’ll pay the same amount charged to two zones if you’re traveling up to nine zones.

The caveat is that the fares are valid for a limited time. Depending on the number of zones you’re traveling to, fares can be valid from two to three hours.

Also, cash tickets have an expiry time.

There is also the two-section fare that is valid for a one-way journey, a DayRider card for unlimited day travel, and a FamilyRider card usable by up to seven people.  

Fare TypeCashSmartRider (discounted at 10%)SmartRider (discounted at 20%)
Two sections$2.30$2.07$1.84
One zone$3.30$2.97$2.64
Two zones +$5$4.50$4

Source: Transperth data as of 2022 (subject to changes)

Self-Driving in Perth

Tourists who will be getting around in Perth by car are required a valid overseas driver’s license. Perth vehicles travel on the left-hand side of the road.

Perth has multiple car parks classified into three-hour free parking during weekends and public holidays, an all-day weekday parking that costs $11, and free night-time parking.

The City of Perth Parking (CPP) car parks and kerbside parking bays charge by the hour and by the day.

Cycling Routes in Perth

Cycling Routes in Perth

Perth City highly encourages cycling by providing a reliable biking road network and dual-use paths. 

One bike tour to try out is through the River Loop, where you ride through the Swan River Bridges and see popular spots along the way such as the South Perth foreshore and Optus Stadium.

Those who didn’t bring their own can hire bikes from where they’re staying or from About Bike Hire located at the Point Fraser Reserve.

Perth Taxis and Ride-Sharing

Perth has designated taxi ranks scattered around the city and nearby towns, including ones on William Street and Melbourne Street in Northbridge. Major taxi companies include Swan Taxis and Black & White Taxis.

On the other hand, ride-sharing services available in Perth include UBER and OLA.

Perth Travel Cost

The cost of traveling to Perth is certainly not cheap. If you’re visiting, take note of the average prices of essentials and touristy activities in the region.

How much does a plane ticket to Perth cost in AUD?

Expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to over $2,000 for a plane ticket to Perth if you’re coming from a European country. Meanwhile, travelers from neighboring Australian states should prepare about $500.

FlightAverage Costs
London to Perth$1,767
Melbourne to Perth$433
Sydney to Perth$463
Manchester to Perth$2,073
Auckland to Perth$1,081
Dublin to Perth$2,153

Perth Travel Cost Breakdown

Perth Travel Cost Breakdown

Average costs of accommodation in Perth range from $93 to $284 per night for hotels and $69 to $254 per month for hostels and apartments.

Eating out in Perth can yield up to $47 per person while going around can cost up to $4 if you rely on conventional transport tickets and taxi hires.

ExpenseAverage Costs 
AccommodationHotels: $93 to $284 per night
Hostel: $69 per month
Guest house: $148 per month
Family room: $254 per month 
RestaurantsLunch: $26 per person
Three-course dinner: $47 per person
Local beer: $9.70 (500 ml)
Cappuccino: $4.80 per cup
Carbonated drinks: $3.60 per can
Water bottle: $3.10
TransportationBus ticket: $3.90
Taxi: $1.60 per kilometer
Car hire: $26 per day
Petrol: $1.90 per liter
Market FoodMilk: $2.20 per liter
Bread: $2.80 per liter
Rice: $2.50 per kilogram
Eggs: $5.80 (12 pieces)
Chicken: $12.40 per kilogram
Apples: $4.80 per kilogram
Tomatoes: $5.50 per kilogram
Potatoes: $2.80 per kilogram

Perth Attractions Ticket Prices

The cheapest attractions in Perth are its cultural buildings, with museum tickets averaging $17.

Activity/DestinationsAverage Costs 
Museum$17 per ticket
Cinema$20 per ticket
Tennis$14 per hour
Whale WatchingFrom $100

Perth Travel Budget Guide

Your exact travel budget in Perth will depend on whether you’re flying solo or with the family and the length of your stay. Additionally, your choice of accommodation and restaurants will greatly affect your daily budget.

For a quick glimpse of possible travel expenses in Perth, take a look at these estimates for a couple staying in the city for three days on a regular week.  

Note that these estimates do not include plane tickets.

Budget Travelers or Backpackers

Budget Travelers or Backpackers

If you want to travel to Perth for cheap, expect to spend around $400 for two travelers in three days’ time. This price is inclusive of accommodation at a one-star hotel or hostel, homecooked meals or budget restaurants, public transport, and free activities.

Estimated Prices for Backpackers

ExpenseParticularsEstimated Costs (Per Person)
AccommodationOne-star hotel or hostel$29 per night
MealBudget restaurants and cooked meals$23 per day
TransportationTransperth$16 per day
Activities and ToursFree activities, trips, and tours only

Average-Budget Travelers

With an average budget, you and your travel buddy will likely spend around $950 over three days in Perth. This budget includes affordable hotels, budget and fast food diners, and limited activities.

Estimated Prices for Average Budget Travelers

ExpenseParticularsEstimated Costs (Per Person)
AccommodationTwo- or three-star hotel$57 per night
MealBudget and fast food restaurants, at least one good restaurant$59 per day
TransportationTransperth and taxi (with a 10 km/day cap)$24 per day
Activities and ToursLimited activities, trips, and tours $20 per day

High-Budget Tourists

Loaded travelers can expect to spend about $1,490 for a three-day stay in Perth. Accommodations considered for this estimate exclude five-star or luxury hotels, island cruises, and pricey wine tours.

Estimated Prices for High-Budget Tourists

ExpenseParticularsEstimated Costs (Per Person)
AccommodationThree- or four-star hotel$74 per night
MealLunch and dinner at restaurants$100 per day
TransportationTransperth and taxi (with a 30 km/day cap)$37 per day
Activities and ToursDaily activities, trips, and tours$39 per day

Ways to Save Money in Perth

Ways to Save Money in Perth

Perth can easily become a pricey tourist destination if you get carried away. But there are several steps you can take to keep the travel costs from reaching ungodly levels.

One is to keep track of your expenses per category. This way, it will be simpler to determine what part of your travel needs some cost-cutting.

Cutting costs is possible in several ways too. You can opt for free or affordable attractions, cook your own meal, or avail yourself of public transport. 

How can I save money on accommodation in Perth?

If not hostels, your next best budget accommodation in Perth is booking a Couchsurfing or Airbnb host. 

Not only will you save some dollars, but you can also ask the local host for recommendations and tips on how to spend your day in town.

Another interesting way to get a bed is to take advantage of Perth’s working holiday scheme. Young adults eligible for this program will work in hostels for a few hours each day in exchange for an extended stay.

How can I save money on food in Perth?

You can save food costs in Perth by opting to cook your meals where you’re staying. Just make sure that you booked a place with a kitchen.

Also, avoid fancy restaurants and too much beer (which is expensive in Perth!).

How can I save money on transportation costs in Perth?

Take Perth’s CAT buses to save money on transportation because you won’t pay anything as long as you stay within the Free Transit Zone! That said, you can still save money if you go beyond the FTZ by securing a SmartRider card. 

A DayRider pass costs $10, but compared to buying cash tickets, it’s a better option, as you can use it all day to tour Perth via public transport.

Ride-sharing is another money-saving strategy you can use.

Better yet, just walk around the city if you have plenty of time and energy!

How can I save money on activities and tours in Perth?

How can I save money on activities and tours in Perth

The best way to save on Perth activities and tours is to go the free entry route. 

For those who love the city vibe, free live music is abundant in the city’s pubs and bars, and movies are shown for free in Northbridge Piazza (which you can reach on foot or via a CAT bus).

Meanwhile, cultural buffs can enter the Art Gallery of WA and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art without paying a single dollar. Or they can read to their heart’s content at the State Library.

Free walking tours are also a thing for budget travelers in the city.

Other Ways to Save Money in Perth

Here are some more tips to help you save during your Perth Travel.

  • Watch for deals. Booking companies offering travel to Perth regularly do ticket deals. Flights to Perth can be expensive, so scoring on discounted rates is sure to help.
  • Book in advance. Buying a ticket 6 to 12 months ahead yields cheap rates.
  • Visit during the off-season. Perth’s off-season falls in autumn and winter when rates are at their cheapest. 

Best Places to Book Travels to Perth

Best Places to Book Travels to Perth
  • Skyscanner
  • Get Your Guide

Save more money on your trip to Perth by opting for booking agencies that offer great ticket deals and list affordable accommodations and tours.

For plane tickets, try browsing Skyscanner for deals and budget airlines. Additionally, book in advance, so you can fly to Perth at the lowest prices possible. is hands down the best site for scoring affordable accommodations in Perth. The site is also intuitive and easy to use.

While there are local tours in Perth, you can also try the tour booking site Get Your Guide. They have an extensive selection of guided activities, perfect for when you don’t have the energy to create an itinerary from scratch. 

Packing Tips for Perth

You can also save money while in Perth by bringing your personal toiletries. These items are available in the city, but carrying them can help you save a few dollars.

Also, opt for a sturdy backpack with plenty of storage slots. It’s ideal if you can fit it in the plane’s overhead bin!

Create a checklist of things to bring, and regularly check them before locking your door and driving to the airport.

Here’s what should be on your Perth packing list:

  1. Light clothes (jeans, shorts, several t-shirts, long sleeves, and a swimsuit)
  2. Rain jacket (as protection from strong winds)
  3. Hiking shoes
  4. Flip-flops
  5. Hat and sunglasses
  6. Sunscreen (at least SPF 15+, best used from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM)
  7. Small medical kit
  8. Universal charger
  9. Ziplock bags and plastic bags (for laundry, keeping liquids from leaking)

Staying Safe in Perth: Is Perth safe for tourists?

Staying Safe in Perth Is Perth safe for tourists

Perth is a safe city. The crime rates here are low, the community is friendly, and the roads are walkable. 

It’s no doubt that the town is also one of the most livable cities in Australia.

However, being the safest does not mean there are no dangers here. To be on the safe side, remember the following when you’re roaming around town.

  1. Avoid going into dark places when alone
  2. Do not hitchhike, especially when alone
  3. Inform your travel buddies or your host of your whereabouts at all times
  4. Be vigilant while using ATMs and secure your cash quickly
  5. Secure your valuables
  6. Drink in moderation
  7. Keep note of Perth’s emergency contact numbers

Quick Facts about Perth

Here are some good-to-know information that will complement your Perth adventure.

PopulationPerth City: 2.13 million
Climate– Mediterranean (hot summers, cool winters)
– 8 hours of sunshine a day
Travel Requirement– Visa (except for Australian and New Zealand citizens)
– Proof of routine vaccinations 
Electricity110-240 volts, AC 50 Hz
Mobile Phone NetworkTelstra, Optus
TimeWestern Standard Time – GMT/UTC + 8 hours(No daylight savings)
Public Transport From The Airport– Airport Line
– Bus Route 380
– Elizabeth Quay Bus Station
– Bus Route 40
Emergency Contact Numbers– Fire/Police/Ambulance: 000
– Fire/Police/Ambulance from GSM mobile phone: 112
– Automobile Association of Australia: 13 11 11
Public HolidaysJanuary 1 – New Year’s Day
January 26 – Australia Day
First Monday of March – Labor Day
April 25 – ANZAC Day
First Monday of June – WA Day
Last Monday of September – Queen’s Birthday
December 25 – Christmas Day
December 26 – Boxing Day
School HolidaysAutumn Holidays: April
Winter Holidays: July
Spring Holidays: Late September to Early October
Summer Holidays: Mid-December to January
Banking HoursMonday – Thursday: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday: 9:30 Am – 5:00 PM
Shopping HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (most businesses)
Passes are required to enter Perth’s national parks starting at $4 per person
Wi-Fi is free across Perth CBD!

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