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Education in Perth A Guide to Schools and Universities

Education in Perth: A Guide to Schools and Universities

Wondering what it would be like to study in Perth? Let’s get you up to speed with our comprehensive guide!

From prekindergarten to higher education, Perth’s educational landscape is varied, laid-back, and brimming with possibilities. The city is an excellent location to further your education, whether you’re a local or an international student.

Prepare yourself for a fruitful educational experience in the city. Grab your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and check out the information below.

What kind of education can you expect in Perth?

What kind of education can you expect in Perth

Firstly, we think Perth’s educational system is relatively simple because it’s based on the Australian model. Basically, it has 3 main levels:

Perth’s Education LevelBrief Overview
PrimaryChildren learn their ABCs and 123s, along with crucial life lessons like how to share and play peacefully with others.
SecondaryThis is where things start to get a little more serious for teenagers. In addition to maths and science, they’ll also study social studies, English, and other disciplines. 
Of course, there are also a lot of extracurricular activities like sports teams and theatrical organisations that can keep children occupied.
TertiaryThere are many opportunities for people looking to advance their education at a university. 
Universities offer undergraduate and graduate programmes in a variety of subject areas, including business, engineering, law, and medical.

Now, let’s discuss Perth’s academic year. This consists of 3 terms that last from late January to mid-December. 

For us, that implies there will be plenty of time for you to take vacations or breaks. After all, Australians adore their free time to go to dog beaches, art galleries, bars and pubs, fine dining places, and the like.

What kind of education can you expect in Perth 2

Also, let’s not overlook the unique Australian culture that infuses Perth’s educational system. Studying in Perth will likely give you a taste of everything, from relaxed and approachable lecturers to the emphasis on sports and outdoor activities.

So, we believe studying in Perth is a suitable option for anyone looking for a well-rounded educational experience. 

In our opinion, education means something different for everyone. Therefore, it’s best not to miss out on anything good.

How many primary schools are there in Perth?

How many primary schools are there in Perth

Every child of legal age in Perth must enrol in one of the city’s 461 primary schools. For us, it’s advisable to visit any nearby school to determine whether the setting is right for the child being enrolled.

If you’re specifically on the hunt for the perfect primary school in Perth, we think you’re in luck! This sunny city on Australia’s west coast has plenty of fantastic options for young learners. 

The concept of play-based learning, where kids are encouraged to learn through discovery, creativity, and joy, is one that is widely adopted in primary schools in Perth. 

With this educational strategy, we think kids can grow at their own pace and develop a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

We also like that Perth’s elementary schools are aware that learning takes place outside the traditional classroom. 

They provide a variety of extracurricular activities as a result. This includes sports teams, theatrical plays, and music programmes. 

Because of this, we feel that children can make more friends and explore new hobbies while also learning new things. 

In our opinion, school wouldn’t be a bore in Perth, especially for those who are just starting their educational journey – we feel you won’t run out of things to explore! 

How many secondary schools are there in Perth?

How many secondary schools are there in Perth

Ah, secondary school – that wonderful stage of life when you’re neither a child nor an adult but somewhere in between. In Perth, there are 108 secondary schools available to accept students. 

Both public and private schools are available here. So before enrolling your child in secondary school, we believe you must be certain of your goals for them.

We know that for many, secondary school is a period of development and learning (and a great deal of awkwardness!). But if you live in Perth, you’re in luck because this city is home to some outstanding secondary schools.

The esteemed Hale School comes first. We think this is the school for your child if you want to help them become the future prime minister or CEO of a major firm someday. 

For us, it’s easy to understand why Hale has a reputation for turning out some of Australia’s most successful and powerful people. 

Hale seems to be ideal for your child to develop into the next big thing – they offer cutting-edge facilities, excellent teachers, and a focus on leadership and community service.

Perth Modern School, on the other hand, might be a good option if you’re seeking a school with a somewhat more lax atmosphere. 

With a world-class music programme and a drama department that turns out some very excellent actors, this public school has a strong emphasis on the arts. 

But don’t let that deceive you – Perth Modern consistently also ranks among the finest schools in the state academically! So we think this is the school for your child if you want them to follow in the footsteps of Mozart or Meryl Streep.

Of course, Perth is home to a large number of excellent secondary schools, each with its own special advantages and characteristics. 

There’s Scotch College, which has a distinguished history as well as some truly outstanding athletic teams. Also available is St. Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, which places a major emphasis on community building and empowering young women.

All in all, your child can have a great secondary school experience in Perth, regardless of the school you select. 

Where do I get a tertiary degree in Perth?

Where do I get a tertiary degree in Perth

Are you prepared to advance in your education by going to university? There are numerous tertiary education opportunities available in Perth that people from all over the world gush about.

Here are some of the top universities in Perth:
The University of Western AustraliaCurtin UniversityEdith Cowan UniversityMurdoch UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame

These institutions, which are known for their academic brilliance, provide a comprehensive selection of undergraduate and graduate courses in numerous subject areas.

Want more flexibility? Online courses and part-time study alternatives are only two of the flexible learning options available at several Perth tertiary institutions. 

For us, this guarantees that education here is accessible to everyone. This makes it easier for students to juggle their studies with work or other commitments.

If you want more options, Perth is also a centre for scientific research, particularly in industries like agriculture, mining, and alternative energy. 

Students in Perth have the opportunity to participate in research projects and obtain practical experience in their chosen fields. They also have a supportive community to help them overcome challenges. 

And don’t fret about the students not having any room left for other aspects of life. 

There are many options available to support students in achieving success in both their academic and social lives, from student organisations to peer mentoring programmes. 

You just have to choose which ones you like best and can commit to. This way, you can have a support group you can rely on for even longer than you intended.

Perth boasts a vibrant nightlife and an active arts and cultural scene too! It offers many possibilities for students to see the city and participate in extracurricular activities like sports teams, music groups, and drama organisations.

And for us, it’s not bad to unwind from university life now and then. In our opinion, Perth makes it easier for students to find the balance they need while working hard to be successful in whichever career path they choose.

Is Perth a good place for international students?

Is Perth a good place for international students

For international students, we believe Perth is a good place to study because it offers a convenient and affordable education. Students can also meet many other students from all around the world and experience cultural diversity.

Not only that, but Perth is also often described as Western Australia’s most lifestyle-friendly suburb. 

We think the Swan River’s great location, the thriving waterfront dining scene, the abundance of green space, and the area’s proximity to the city have all contributed to this.

While many university students in Perth don’t follow the established rules of college life because they don’t have a set way to live on campus, you don’t have to worry.

Most schools in Perth actually offer students the chance to live on campus. We think this is good for students, especially foreign students who need more time to adapt to their city and university.

Additionally, Perth is among the most affordable of Australia’s larger cities. For instance, Perth is about 15 to 20% less expensive to live in than Sydney, and the former’s rent costs are around 47% less than the latter.

If you want to have more sources of funds (not only for school projects but also for leisure), there are also a bunch of ways to earn for yourself!

When pursuing full-time education, anyone on a student visa is allowed to work both on and off campus. This is for a minimum wage of $19.49 per hour, or $740.80 every 38-hour workweek (before taxes). 

International students here frequently work in the childcare and hospitality industries, but they hold a variety of other jobs too.

In our opinion, internships are a great way to obtain work experience and prepare for a future paid job in your field. This increases your chances of continuing that opportunity and earning more right after graduation.

Part-time work is frequently a requirement for studying overseas anyway, as a means to support yourself. And Perth’s labour market is heavily influenced by the presence of international students. 

Just note that you’re permitted to work up to 20 hours per week with a student visa. 

Our advice is to be honest with yourself about the work you can handle given your degree of expertise. It’s best to choose a field that will advance your career. 

Still, we think you can also develop transferable skills from jobs outside your field that will be useful on your CV. In the end, it’s all about what you make of the opportunities that come your way.

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