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The Best Viewing Platforms in Perth with the Most Mind-Blowing Views

Perth’s skyline is famous all over the world for its dazzling lights that can even be spotted from space. And as a true blue Perth local, I can proudly say that our city has one of the most beautiful skylines no matter where you catch a glimpse.

But Perth offers more views that are just as equally stunning as the CBD skyline, as long as you know where to find them. Lucky for you, I’ve made it my mission to discover these hidden gems.

So let me be your guide and show you the best viewing platforms in and around Perth. Whether you’re a local tired of the same views or a tourist visiting the city, these viewing platforms will have you falling in love with Perth over and over again.

The Bell Tower 

Location: Barrack Square, Riverside Dr


Contact details: 08 6210 0444, [email protected]   

Operating hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Starting off the list is one of Perth’s most popular attractions (and definitely my top pick), The Bell Tower or Swan Bells. It has an open-air viewing platform on the sixth floor, offering us a stunning 360-degree view of the Swan River and the city.

But before we could reach that epic view, our guide gave us a rundown of the building’s history and showed us some ancient bells from the 14th century. Sadly, we couldn’t hear them chime because they only ring on Thursdays and Sundays, from 12 to 1:00 PM.

The viewing platform itself was a bit nerve-wracking at first. It’s made of metal grates, and you can see right through to the ground below. But once we got past the initial jitters, we were treated to breathtaking views of the bustling harbour!

Pro Tip: The viewing platform can be a fantastic proposal spot, especially when the bell rings. You can even get married at the tower!

Just call 08 6210 0444 to enquire about hiring the tower for your event.

Perth Airport Public Viewing Area

Location: Dunreath Dr, Perth Airport


Contact details: 08 9478 8572

Operating hours: 

Monday to Sunday (April to September): 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Monday to Sunday (October to March): 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Forget coffee shops and cafes; the best place to spend your mornings is the Perth Airport Public Viewing Area. There’s nothing quite like sipping late while watching planes take off against the backdrop of a warm, orange and blue sky.

There is seating on the viewing platform, but it can quickly fill up with families coming over to watch. That said, there’s plenty of space to put up camping chairs and enjoy the beautiful runway and the planes taking off.

Although I’ve also seen some planes land on the runway, most of the ones we saw in the morning were taking off. A friend who went in the afternoon said there were more landings after lunch, so keep that in mind if you want to see some planes landing!

Pro Tip: Bring your own water! There’s no water fountain near the viewing platform, so you won’t have any supply if you don’t bring your own.

Make sure not to drink too much, though, because there’s no toilet around the area.

DNA Tower

From @viratsha

Location: Kings Park, Fraser Ave


Contact details: (+61 8) 9480 3600, [email protected]

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Standing 150 metres high, the DNA Tower is the place to go if you want a view of the gorgeous Kings Park. The staircase has 101 steps, so it can be pretty exhausting, but trust us when we say the view is worth every sweat.

At the top, we have a beautiful panoramic view of King’s Park. We weren’t really expecting to see the city anymore as the trees in the park were already too tall, but we still got a glimpse of the skyline and river, even with all the trees around us.

Aside from the beautiful view from the viewing platform, the tower itself will leave you in awe. With a pristine white spiral staircase that resembles a giant double-helix or a DNA, it stands out in the middle of the lush green park.

Pro Tip: Climb around sunset! The sunset looks extra beautiful on top because you get a clear view of the whole park and a glimpse of the Perth skyline, too.

We don’t recommend climbing, though, if you have vertigo. It can get pretty dizzying because of the spiral staircase.

South Perth Observation Deck

From @melbournnnnboy

Location: 101 S Perth Esplanade, South Perth

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

Located right by the Perth Waters, the South Perth Observation Deck is the best viewing platform to go to if you want a view of the CBD. It’s open 24 hours a day, so you can drop by any time you’re free.

The nighttime view from this viewing platform looks straight out of the city postcards on souvenir shops. The bright lights from the iconic buildings that dot the skyline reflect beautifully on the water, creating a calming and mesmerising view.

The best part about this viewing platform is that it’s typically not as crowded as other viewing platforms in the city unless there’s an event in the CBD. When I’m here, I get to have beautiful views and quiet Sunday evenings.

Pro Tip: The river can make it breezy at night, so bring a jacket with you to stay warm and comfortable.

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