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Perth in 48 Hours A Two-day Guide to the City of Lights

Perth in 48 Hours: A Two-day Guide to the City of Lights

Looking to experience the best of Perth within only two days? That might be a daunting task at first glance, but thankfully, the City of Lights is jam-packed with amazing places to see that are only a few kilometres away from one another!

To help you navigate and enjoy Perth better within only 48 hours, here’s a quick guide to help you out!

Time Zone

Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) or UTC +8:00

When is the best time to visit Perth?

The best time to visit Perth is either from September to November or from March to May. 

This is because September to November is the spring season in Perth and March to May is the city’s autumn season.

During spring, Perth is filled with varying wildflowers in full bloom. People who love taking photos of their trips will find the city at its most beautiful during this season, especially in its nature spaces like Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Meanwhile, visiting the City of Lights during autumn is also a wonderful idea, as it’s the time when you can experience the mildest weather in the city.

Here, you won’t feel the extreme heat we Perthites have to endure during summer. And unlike winter, autumn only has occasional rainfalls with a small chance for a thunderstorm.

Things to Know

Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD) – Check the current exchange rate here

Primary Language(s): Australian English

Other Languages Used: Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Filipino, Cantonese, Hindi, and Korean

Calling Code: +61

Emergency Numbers:

000 (Police, fire, and ambulance – for life-threatening situations)

131-444 (Police – for non-life threatening situations)

9461-6611 (CCTV live incidents)

How to Get Around

Bus: Like most other major cities, buses are also one of Perth’s major forms of public transportation. Virtually every suburb in the city has a bus route that goes through it, with fares starting as low as $2.30.

Trains: Trains are another way of travelling around Perth, especially to its faraway suburbs like Mandurah and Joondalup. The city has five train lines servicing it, and you can check out the train schedules via Transperth’s website.

Ferries: Ferries, which have routes across the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, are another form of public transportation used to get around the city. You can also learn more about ferry fares and timetables via Transperth’s website.

Taxis: Perth also has many taxi companies servicing its tourists and residents every day. Aside from the traditional taxi cabs that ply the streets of Perth, the city also has a couple of ride-hailing apps like Uber and Ola.

Car service: If travelling with a personal chauffeur is more of your style, you’d be happy to know that there are many companies that offer this kind of service like Link Airport Perth. Unlike your typical taxi, these companies charge by the hour.

Places to Stay in Perth

Staying in Perth for at least 48 hours means you’ll need a decent place to rest for one night. To help you out, here are some awesome hotels you can check in during your visit here!

Included in this list are the room prices for each hotel. Please take note that a single $ means the hotel reservation price is less than $160, $$ means the price is anywhere between $161 and $280, and $$$ is for $281 and up.

DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Waterfront

Address: 1 Barrack Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 6372 1000

Pricing: $$$

Book now

Let’s start off with an amazing hotel you’ll find right inside the heart of Perth. Located in Elizabeth Quay, the DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Waterfront grants you an amazing view of the Swan River for $600 a night.

This towering 4-star hotel even offers a couple of amenities to ensure you have a relaxing experience during your stay there. A couple worth checking out are their restaurant, outdoor pool, and fitness centre.

The best thing I can say about this hotel is its location. Aside from Elizabeth Quay, you’re also close to other world-famous attractions in Perth like Kings Park and Botanic Garden and the Perth Cultural Centre. 

Crowne Plaza Perth

Address: 54 Terrace Rd, Perth WA 6004, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9270 4200

Pricing: $$$

Book now

Still looking for other amazing riverside hotels? Then try the Crowne Plaza Perth, a hotel located in East Perth just a few kilometres away from Elizabeth Quay.

Amenities-wise, this hotel isn’t too far off from the previous hotel I mentioned, as they’re both 4-star hotels. The biggest difference, however, is their room prices.

Crowne Plaza Perth offers its standard rooms at only $295, but it also has an amazing view of the Swan River. The only slight issue it has is that it’s a bit further from attractions like Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

But that’s nothing a quick bus ride can’t fix!

European Hotel

Address: 97 Murray St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9325 3900

Pricing: $

Book now

If you prefer saving money on accommodations, don’t worry because Perth has a lot of hotels that are cheap yet still offer amazing rooms and amenities! One of those is the European Hotel, a three-star hotel in the Perth CBD.

For only $145, you already have a good set of amenities to keep yourself relaxed and occupied after a long day of exploring the city. Some examples are their free unlimited Wi-Fi access and a rooftop garden where you watch the Perth skyline.

However, the best thing about the European Hotel is its central location. It’s only a few blocks away from many of Perth’s attractions including Elizabeth Quay, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, and the Perth Mint.

YHA Fremantle Prison

Address: 6A The Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9433 4305

Pricing: $

Book now

Another amazing hotel you can stay the night in is the YHA Fremantle Prison, a hotel that’s located right inside the world-famous prison! 

Staying in a former prison for the night might sound weird to most people, but trust me, a night here is an amazing experience. Thanks to Fremantle Prison’s long history, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn more about Perth during your stay.

The coolest thing I can say about YHA Fremantle Prison is that it allows you to sleep in former prison cells! If that’s not to your liking, they also have a couple of luxury rooms available.

A night here is very cheap, with prices starting at only $90.

The Cottesloe Beach Hotel 

Please embed:

Address: 104 Marine Parade, Cottesloe WA 6011, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9383 1100

Pricing: $$$

Book now

If you prefer a beachside location, The Cottesloe Beach Hotel might just be what you’re looking for. This three-star hotel is a very popular spot among tourists, as it’s right across the street from Cottesloe Beach.

Staying here can be an excellent idea if you plan to spend most of your time enjoying Perth’s many beaches. It has its own restaurant and a bar, so you don’t need to travel far to enjoy delicious meals and wines.

Unfortunately, the high demand for its rooms means The Cottesloe Beach Hotel is among the pricier choices despite being only a three-star hotel. A room here will cost you at least $290.

Where to Eat in Perth

Aside from Perth’s rich history and culture, another thing I can confidently say my city has is a vibrant food scene. Here, you’ll be treated to a wide range of restaurants and cafes that showcase various dishes from all around the world.

I’ve included here the prices you should expect from each restaurant. A single $ means their dishes cost less than $15, $$ means the price is anywhere between $15 and $35, and $$$ for prices that are $36 and more.

Sayers Sister

Address: 236 Lake St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9227 7506

Pricing: $$


Start off your tour around Perth with a quick breakfast at Sayers Sister, located at the northern parts of Northbridge. Here, you can enjoy many dishes suitable both for breakfast and lunch.

Some amazing dishes I recommend you try are their Bircher muesli, French toast, and parmesan croquettes. They also serve heavier breakfast items if you prefer those, like beef and bacon burgers.

Aside from breakfast meals, Sayers Sister also has a great range of cocktails, juices and coffees to start your day. For caffeine lovers, I urge you to try out their specialty drink, the Sayers honeycomb affogato.

La Veen

Address: 79 King St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9321 1188

Pricing: $$

If you need some caffeine in your bloodstream to start the day right, look no further than La Veen, which is an amazing cafe located right in the Perth CBD. 

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of coffees including the classics like espresso and cold brew. For those looking to try something new, they have a couple of signature beverages like Cokepresso, Tonicpresso, and Shakerato.


Most of their coffee beans are sourced from countries like Ethiopia and Colombia. Aside from beverages, La Veen also has a great selection of pastries including my favourite, bagels.


Please embed:

Address: 6 The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9421 1206

Pricing: $$


For lunch, Balthazar is an excellent choice with its delicious dishes at prices that aren’t too painful on the wallet. Its menu features a good mix of seafood, steaks, and salads.

A main dish I highly recommend you try is their kangaroo steak, which is prepared with a mix of macadamias and blueberries and topped off with goat’s curd. This dish has a unique and robust flavour quite unusual compared to a typical beef steak.

Grand Lane Fish House

Address: Grand Lane is behind, 135 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 6267 0700

Pricing: $


Who says you need to pay a premium to enjoy delicious seafood? For a cheap yet filling lunch experience, come down to the Grand Lane Fish House, a small fish and chips restaurant located in an alleyway near the Perth Underground Station.

Their menu consists of various dishes like fish tacos, fish burgers, haggis, chilli squids, and Asian coleslaw. Many of these are priced lower than $10, so don’t be afraid to order seconds!


Address: COMO The Treasury Level 4, 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 6168 7855

Pricing: $$$


For a one of a kind dining experience, the Wildflower might just be what you’re looking for. This amazing restaurant is known for featuring Aboriginal dishes like bush tucker.

Most of the ingredients they use are foraged across many of Western Australia’s bushlands. To make sure their guests have something new to try each visit, the Wildflower features six seasonal menus corresponding to the Noongar calendar.

Admittedly, prices here are pretty steep, but that’s the price you pay for a wholly unique dining experience.

Viet Hoa

Address: 1/349 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9328 2127

Pricing: $$


If you prefer a less costly option for your dinner, Viet Hoa is among the better choices for an affordable restaurant. You’ll find this amazing restaurant in Northbridge just a few metres away from the Perth Mosque.

It serves an amazing selection of authentic Vietnamese dishes like spring rolls, pho, and ho fan. 

The best part about Viet Hoa is you can enjoy all these dishes at very cheap prices. Many of their dishes are priced below $25, and their most expensive selections will cost you no more than $34.

What to Do in Perth within 48 Hours

Of course, a trip to Perth wouldn’t be complete without seeing its best attractions, both natural and manmade! Thankfully, most of the best attractions of the city aren’t too far from one another and can be reached easily via public transportation.

Here are some amazing stuff you can do within your 48-hour stay in Perth!

Hang out with the cute quokkas of Rottnest Island

Address: Rottnest Island, Western Australia 6161, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9432 9300


Start off your journey with a fun time exploring the nearby Rottnest Island, a tiny island located 18 kilometres west of Fremantle. Here, you’ll find a lot of activities to try like skydiving, scuba diving, swimming, and more!

Of course, the highlight of your visit here will be the cute quokkas that reside on the island. 

The lack of any natural predators on the island has allowed these endangered animals to have a peaceful life and pose for selfies with tourists!

It’s very easy to travel to Rottnest Island. The fastest way to do so is by riding a 15-minute ferry ride from Fremantle.

Go for a swim at Cottesloe Beach

Photo credit: cottesloebeachhotel

Address: Marine Parade, Cottesloe WA 6011, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9285 5000


Perth is known for many things, and amazing beaches is one of them! And one of the best beaches my city has to offer is Cottesloe Beach.

Aside from swimming, this beach is also a very popular spot to do sunbathing and snorkelling. It also has a lot of picnic spots as well as restaurants nearby, so you can definitely stay here for hours.

To reach the beach, you can ride a train on the Fremantle Line from the Perth CBD and alight at Cottesloe Station. From there, you can either catch a bus to Cottesloe Beach or just walk the remaining 600 metres.

Learn more about the city’s early history at the Fremantle Prison

Address: 1 The Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9336 9200


Did you know that convicts helped turn Perth into the modern city it is today? You can learn more about the Convict Era with a quick visit to one of Perth’s most recognisable attractions, the Fremantle Prison.

This now-defunct prison is the only man-made UNESCO Heritage Site in Western Australia. It gained this status due to the well-preserved artefacts in it.

To visit the Fremantle Prison, you’ll need to sign up for one of their tours. They offer five tours, including a horror-themed one, which takes place late at night and showcases the urban legends that surround this prison.

Watch a live performance at His Majesty’s Theatre

Address: 827-905 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 6212 9292


An amazing way to spend a night in the city is by watching a live performance at His Majesty’s Theatre. Built in 1904, this massive theatre was built in honour of King Edward VII.

His Majesty’s Theatre is known for hosting some of the biggest live performances in the city. Some famous personalities who once performed here are Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and American actor James Earl Jones.

You can book seats in advance for a show via their website. Aside from live shows, His Majesty’s Theatre also offers tours to those who would like to learn more about its rich history and impact on Perth’s cultural development.

Stroll around the massive Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Address: Fraser Ave, Perth WA 6005, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9480 3600


Within the 48 hours you’ll be staying in Perth, you might like a place where you can just relax and rest your feet for a moment. For me, that place is Kings Park and Botanic Garden, a massive nature space west of the Perth CBD.

This park has a lot of attractions within it to help you pass the time. Some notable examples are the DNA Tower and the Lotterywest Federation Walkway.

Another must-visit attraction in the park is its titular botanic garden where you’ll find an amazing collection of 3,000 different species of flowers gathered from all over Western Australia.

See the beauty of the Swan River from Elizabeth Quay

Address: The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9482 7499


Before leaving Perth, make sure to stop by and admire the beauty of the Swan River from the viewing platforms of Elizabeth Quay. It’s one of the city’s latest attractions and was built to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

Inside Elizabeth Quay are a couple of amazing places you can check out like the Swan Bell Tower and BHP Waterpark. It also has a couple of restaurants including The Island, which is situated on a man-made islet located at the mouth of the quay.

For me, the best place to see the Swan River is from the Elizabeth Quay Bridge, which is a pedestrian bridge connecting The Island to the mainland. Make sure to visit here at night so you can also see the beautiful city lights of the Perth CBD.

Where to Shop in Perth within 48 Hours

Buy something memorable to remind yourself of your awesome visit to the City of Lights! Here are some noteworthy places you can shop in Perth during your 48-hour visit to the city.

Fremantle Markets

Address: South Terrace &, Henderson St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9335 2515


Start off your shopping spree with a visit to the Fremantle Markets, a public market filled with various stalls ranging from groceries to souvenirs. It’s actually one of the oldest buildings in the city and was established in 1897.

Aside from its numerous stalls, the Fremantle Markets also has a couple of diners and eateries where you can get quick grub, like Levi’s Doughnuts and Brazilian BBQ WA.

There are also some buskers that regularly perform here who help set a lively atmosphere.

Hay Street Mall

Address: Hay Street Mall, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9461 3333


Hay Street Mall is an open-air shopping strip located a few blocks south of the Perth Underground Station.

This mall has a long list of stores of local and international brands like Nike, Uniqlo, and Skechers. It also has a department store.

Retail stores aren’t the only thing you’ll find at Hay Street Mall. This mall also has some amazing cafes you can visit, like Espresso & Prosecco.

Which Neighbourhoods to Visit in Perth within 48 Hours

Aside from its world-famous attractions, Perth is also the home to some amazing neighbourhoods where you can spend some hours interacting with us Perthites and learning more about our city and culture.



Known for its rich history and vibrant community, Fremantle is one of the most popular neighbourhoods to visit in Perth. It’s filled with historic sites like the two I mentioned earlier, the Fremantle Prison and the Fremantle Markets.

It also has a couple of museums you can visit to learn more about Perth’s rich maritime history like the WA Shipwrecks Museum and the WA Maritime Museum.

Many of its streets are also filled with Victorian-style buildings, so make sure you have that camera ready to take some awesome shots while walking down the streets of Fremantle!

South Perth


Aside from Fremantle, another neighbourhood with a rich history you can visit is South Perth, a beautiful place located just across the Swan River from the Perth CBD.

South Perth is home to many of Perth’s attractions including the Perth Zoo and the Old Mill. Here is also where you’ll find Mill Point Road, which is known for its amazing restaurants and cafes D’Tandoor Restaurant and Geláre.



If you’re looking to spend an exciting night, look no further than Northbridge. This neighbourhood, located northwest of the Perth CBD, is known for being the centre of nightlife for the City of Lights.

Northbridge is home to many of Perth’s nightclubs, bars, and restaurants including some of my favourites like The Standard, Vincent Wine, and The Rechabite.

You only need to ride a bus to get here from the Perth CBD. Make sure to drink moderately so you’ll have no difficulties getting back to your hotel room after a night of partying.



If learning more about Perth’s local food scene is your main goal during your stay in the city, make sure to stop by the beautiful neighbourhood of Subiaco

This neighbourhood is home to various cafes, trattorias, bars, pubs, and more. A place I particularly love dining in whenever I visit Subiaco is Delisio; they have a lot of authentic Italian dishes and beverages.

Aside from amazing cafes and restaurants, Subiaco is also the home of The Regal Theatre where you can enjoy live performances like comedy and drama shows.

What to Expect from Perth Weather

Perth is a city with a Mediterranean climate, meaning it has mild weather on most days and it also experiences all of the four seasons. Here is what to expect from Perth’s weather during each season:

Spring: This season takes place between the months of September and November and is known as the wildflower blooming season. This season experiences little rainfall, and the temperatures range between 11.7°C and 23°C.

Summer: This season is between December and February and is the hottest time of the year in Perth with average temperatures reaching as high as 30°C on some days. You’ll experience very little to no rainfall on most days, and the air is hot and dry.

Autumn: Perth starts to cool down in autumn, which is between the months of March and May. Expect warm, sunny days and cool nights during this season, with temperatures ranging between 13.7°C and 26°C.

Winter: This season is the time when Perth is at its coldest and wettest with temperatures reaching anywhere between 8°C and 19°C. There’s no snowfall, but expect regular rainfall and thunderstorms during this season.

Apps to Download for a Trip to Perth

Apps to Download for a Trip to Perth

Make sure your phone has these apps installed before visiting Perth to better your experience during your stay in the city!


Uber, one of the world’s biggest ride-hailing apps, is available in Perth! Use it if you don’t want to go through the hassle of hailing a cab every time you want to visit an attraction.

iOS | Android


Perth is the sunniest city in Australia, which means you’ll mostly be under direct sunlight when outdoors. By using GPS and live weather information, this app can check the UV levels in your area and notify you if you need to wear sun protection.

iOS | Android

Transperth App

Transperth, Perth’s public transportation authority, has released an app to help you quickly see their daily timetables and current fares. It even has a couple of neat features like a travel planner and a station locator.

iOS | Android

Australian Good Food Guide

The foodie’s ultimate guide, the Australian Good Food Guide, is an app that can help you navigate Perth’s robust food scene. It lists the best restaurants in the city including their menu, prices, and even their ratings based on customer feedback.

iOS | Android

Google Translate

Perth is a city many people of various ethnicities and nationalities call their home. Use Google Translate to communicate with other people who aren’t well-versed in your own language.

iOS | Android

Is your Internet connection too weak to keep Google Maps working? Try, an app that lets you immediately see important details like tourist attractions, ATMs, hotels, and more even if you’re offline.

iOS | Android

XE Currency

Currency exchange rates tend to change immediately. Have this app ready on your phone so you’ll know what the value of the Australian dollar is for the day.

iOS | Android


Perth’s long coastline is filled with many amazing beaches to visit and enjoy. However, it’s best that you first use this app to check the current weather, surfing conditions, and hazards present in these beaches before visiting them.

iOS | Android

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